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On your first day, your float plane will typically land at the lodge around 8 a.m. so you will be heading out for fishing around 9:00 a.m., which is plenty of time for a fun day of action on the water (you don't have to go far from the lodge to tie into some wild fishing!). At noon your guide will prepare a delicious shore lunch with some fresh fish caught by you that morning. Boats return in the evening around 5:30 p.m., in time for you to freshen up, relax, and compare tall tales with the other guests in camp prior to supper. 


Our main fleet of boats on the big lakes are 18.5 foot aluminum with padded, swivel seats and backrests, and casting decks for fly fishing. Our quiet and smooth running 25 and 40 horsepower four stroke motors will please any enthusiastic fisherman. 


We keep fishing pressure on our lakes to a minimum. Fewer people fish our wilderness lake system during the whole summer than many camps do on theirs in a couple of weeks! Combined with our catch and release policy of trophy fish, the use of barbless hooks, the size and quantity of fish at Oliver Lake is beyond most peoples' expectations.

Arctic Grayling (catch and release only) These small, beautiful fish are a thrill to catch on ultralight tackle or with a fly-rod. Bring your ultralite tackle and complete the Grand Slam of fishing in Saskatchewan with trout, pike, walleye, and grayling or whitefish! A once in a lifetime experience. 


Northern Pike: Freshwater "sharks" over 20 lbs. or 40 inches are common! Our overall lodge record is 53 inches! Taken from our clear, cold waters, these northerns are as tasty as any fish. In addition to the early season wild fishing, they are also readily caught in late August and September in the weedbeds, using similar tactics. 

For a real challenge try fly fishing for these monsters using a medium weight fly rod and streamer flies. Our lodge record for pike caught on the fly is 47.5 inches. All pike over 30 inches (75 cm.) must be released. 

Lake Trout: Sheer numbers and size make this the other most sought after fish. Excellent lakebottom structure with holes up to 200 ft. deep and many miles of rocky shoreline make Oliver Lake a top-notch breeding ground for Saskatchewan's only native trout. Fishing for them is excellent at all times during the season. During the spawn in September, catch and releases of up to 200 fish/day will wear out any fisherman! All trout over 26 inches (65 cm.) must be released. 


Walleye: Our best walleye fishing occurs in smaller, shallower lakes that only you, our guests, will have access to. Lodge policy requires that only walleye needed for shore lunch can be kept. All walleye over 22 inches (55 cm.) must be released. 




        " Best fishing of my life - 46 inch pike".            Bogdan Dubroya - Calgary, AB. 


"       “ 47 inch pike- 30 lbs!"                                     Mike Sikes - Broken Bow, NE. 


        " Another 41 inch pike and a 35 inch trout!"     R. Ochoa - Loveland, CO. 


        " Great fishing-several pike over 40 inches".    J. Lytle - Rapid City, SD 


        " My first time fishing-I'm spoiled forever".        J. Macleod - San Francisco, CA. 


Our "75% Repeat Guest" rate is our best gauge of customer satisfaction.

Our regulars book well in advance, so don't miss out on your chance

to enjoy one of the best fishing and outdoor experiences in Northern Canada. 



REFERENCES: Feel free to contact any of these guests


Bill Oftedal, Miles City, Montana.                   (406) 951-1119. 

Bruce Pfeiffer, Costa Masa, CA.                    (949) 200-9004. 

Howard Lerner, Hollywood, Florida               (954) 895-7011. 

Rick Bereti, Regina, Saskatchewan.             ( 306) 789-0896. 

John Peterson, Austin, Texas.                       (512) 923-2575.       

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