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   2024 RATES:  Deposit/Disclaimer



A $1000.00 deposit/fisherman and 50% of hunting rate is required to confirm booking, with the balance due upon arrival. Because of the short season, deposits are nonrefundable or non -transferable.


Disclaimers Regarding all Packages:

Changes to float plane itineraries may be required due to circumstances beyond our control, including but not limited to adverse weather or fog. Oliver Lake Wilderness Lodge will not be responsible for extra costs due to flight delays or other circumstances beyond our control. 


Float Plane Weight Restrictions:

Baggage restrictions on Osprey Wings' float planes are limited to 60 pounds per person. (This matches the allowable weight on TransWest Air's flights into La Ronge). Depending upon the float plane size and number of passengers, additional baggage is subject to possible rejection by Osprey Wings or a significant extra charge if an additional plane is required to haul the overweight.  

2024 RATES:  Fishing 


        (A) Light Housekeeping Fishing  

        Round trip float plane from Missinipe Saskatchewan, boat, guide 

        ( 2 guests per boat), motor, fuel, cabin with private bathroom.

Prices are per person » Tax Included

        3d/3n (3 days fishing)--$2,400.00 USD                 

       4d/4n (4 days fishing)--$3,000.00 USD

       7d/7n (7 days fishing)--$4,200.00 USD


» Fishing licenses are available in camp or at Missinipe


        B) All-Inclusive Full Plan Fishing

         Round trip float plane from Missinipe Saskatchewan, boat,

         guide( 2 guests per boat), motor, fuel, daily shore lunch, meals in              our main lodge, cabin with private bathroom.


Prices are per person » Tax Included. 

       3d/3n (3 days fishing)--$3,300.00 USD                

       4d/4n (4 days fishing)--$4,000.00 USD

       7d/7n (7 days fishing)--$5,200.00 USD


      E) Boat-in Special 

      Fish 5 full days and leave on the morning of the 6th day. Extra days in         camp can be arranged. Drive to Kane Lake, 150 miles north of

      La Ronge. 

Prices are per person » Tax Included

      Light Housekeeping (guides included)             $2,800.00 USD

      Full Plan (guides included)                                 $3,600.00 USD

2024 RATES:  Hunting

        C) Full Plan Bear Hunt & Fishing Package Includes:   

        Round trip airfare from Missinipe, boat, motor, fuel, guide, meals,

        accommodation and baited site.

        See our Hunting web page for Firearms

        Declaration requirements at the Canadian-American border. 

Prices are per person » Tax Included

         7d/7n - $4,500.00 USD  » Bear Hunting License not included.

        D) Full Plan Moose Hunt & Fishing Package includes: 

         Round trip airfare from Missinipe, boat, motor, fuel, guide

         (1 on 1 for the moose hunt), meals, accommodation, and trophy

          meat care and transport to Missinnipi.

          See our Hunting web page for Firearms                    

          Declaration requirements at the Canadian-American border.  


Prices are per person » Tax Included

        8d/8n -$10,000.00 USD  + Bear Hunt add $2,000 USD 

         » Hunting License not included


A note to our non-resident guests...remember that you must complete the NonResident Firearm Declaration (Canadian government forms JUS 909 and JUS 910) and present them in triplicate and unsigned at the Canadian border, along with your firearms and a

$25 Canadian payment. 


Further information and the forms can be downloaded from the government website   - Click on the "Visitors to Canada" on the left side of their web page. You can also phone them at 1-800-731-4000. If you need assistance obtaining these forms, call us and we will ensure you receive them in time.



Feel free to contact any of these guests


Moose Hunt:                                                                                      Bear Hunt: 

Klint Heutzenroeder, Eaton, Colorado,  (970) 420-0775                                            Jim Smith,  Commerce City, Colorado (207) 389-8237

Mark Benz, Killdeer, North Dakota, (701) 690-5668                                                   Garet Milligan, Denver, Colorado (970) 261-2078

John Berger, Regina, Saskatchewan (306) 525-1247

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