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We're specialized in some of the most exciting wilderness moose hunts in Western Canada. 

Contrary to many other areas, we conduct our hunts during the prime rut season in September when the bulls have to be called in using various techniques. Our expert guides have a high success rate in finding bulls for their hunters. 


Our area has some of the best moose habitat in Northern Saskatchewan. Old burns from forest fires, many small streams and lakes and very little human disturbance make for excellent opportunities. Add some of the best lake trout and northern pike fishing anywhere in September and you'll want to come back to our lodge as often as possible! Book well in advance as our moose tags are on a first-come first-served basis. 



Our bear hunts (June and September) are done from tree stands over feeding stations which are set up for both rifle and bow hunters. We have a good population of color-phase bears. Our week long packages provide ample time for both trophy fishing and hunting. 


Feel free to contact any of these guests


Bear Hunt

Jim Smith,  Commerce City, Colorado            (207) 389-8237 

Garet Milligan, Denver, Colorado                    (970) 261-2078 


Moose Hunt

Klint Heutzenroeder, Eaton, Colorado,          (970) 420-0775                 Mark Benz, Killdeer, North Dakota,               (701) 690-5668                 John Berger, Regina, Saskatchewan            (306) 525-1247

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