Oliver Lake is located on the 57th parallel, approximately 150 miles north of La Ronge, Saskatchewan, Canada, deep in the heart of the PreCambrian Shield. Our fly-in lodge is far away from any settlements, other lodges or roads which means our fishing is excellent and our waters are pristine.


Oliver Lake Wilderness Lodge is located on a large system spanning over 60 miles long and 10 miles wide. The lake is broken up with a large number of bays and over 100 islands which means you can have sheltered, safe fishing, even on windy days. It has many deep holes, reefs and rocky points which make an ideal habitat for lake trout.


In addition, the numerous bays and shallows yield trophy Northern pike. Walleye are caught in several other lakes that we fish.


Arctic grayling and whitefish

are found in the river which drains Oliver Lake.


Overall, our lodge is licensed to fish on 6 lakes.


You've got over 60 miles of lakes

and wilderness to yourselves.